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Please note that version numbers that have not been released may be listed; I do this so I do not have to find every change at one time when I get ready to release the next version.
ChangeLog last downloaded from CVS: Nov 20, 2002 12:33:02 AM UTC

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0.10.3dev (CVS version)
	-Only display the 'Edit File' link if we are in IE.  All other
	 browsers should use the Check-In/Check-Out system.
	-A little re-vamp of the help system.
	-Fixed some calendar bugs
	-Made sure that the 'View Browser' function would detect all
	 browser mime types
	-Warn people if they have checked-out/locked a file, so that they
	 will unlock/check it in soon.
	-More verbose errors
	-Italicize psudo-groups (Admins/All Users) on Group Info page.
	-Change 'Edit File' to 'Edit File in Office' and only display it if
	 it will open properly.
	-The sorting functions now ignore case.  This was causing a documents
	 to be sorted inconsistantly because of case.
	-Added a config option to have a lock expire after a period of time.
	-Some grammar and other corrections on the configuration page.
	-Can view word documents as HTML
	  -Image support
	-Can *not* use wvWare, if you don't want
	-wvWare is not shipped along with DRS anymore
	-Link to 'Unlock File' from check out page
	-People assigned tasks can edit them (not delete, though)
	-README updates
	-Fix for a very very unlikely bug where DRS would think that a database
	 was initialized, but really wasn't.
	-Fixed a bug where the forum wouldn't work in non-standard installs.
	-Don't display the full directory on the server.
	-Fixed a bug in the web configuration system where values wouldn't be
	 displayed correctly after DRS had been configured.
	-Reduced the number of configuration options that needed to be set; DRS
	 could actually figure most of it out itself
	-Fixed a bug where files with the same title wouldn't be displayed
	-Added a 'Lock Expires' option to the View File page.
	-Fixed a bug in the check-in/check-out system
	-Fixed a bug in the way printer friendly URLs are handled
	-People can now select a month/year from a select box on the calendar.
	-The year select box now *always* includes this year.
	-If the log file specified doesn't exist, don't try to log the error.
	-Overhaul of how DRS reacts to database errors
	-Implemented a web-based configuration area, and easier installation
	-The header will always be present on error pages
	-Fixed a bug in the printer-friendly system that would create problems
	 if DRS was running on a non-standard port (not 80)
	-Fixed a bug that made the background 'pixel' not show up if DRS
	 wasn't running in the document root.
	-Fixed a bug in the printer-friendly system that would create problems
	 if DRS wasn't running in the document root.
	-Fixed a bug in the function that handles frontpage time stamps (another
	 bug in this one :-( )
	-When a file is checked-in, the user modified and time modified field
	 are updated.
	-Added a global 'Files that are Locked/Checked-Out' page for admins
	-Code cleanups, esp. code reduction in the user accessible 'Files 
	 Locked/Checked-Out by you' page.
	-Stopped using referers with the Printer Friendly page; some browsers
	 don't like that
	-Added an option where, if your browser supports it, you can open files
	 within your browser.  The script will check the Accept: header, and if
	 the mime type is found, will give you the open to 'Open in Browser'
	 This is the first step in allowing non-Windows (non-Office) programs
	 view files from DRS.
	-Added a check-in/check-out system--now any system can download/upload
	 files, without needing Office/Frontpage Extensions.
	-Updated README
	-Added a 'Lock Created' field for admins to see how long the file has
	 been locked
	-Added a more verbose warning message for locked files that tells users/
	 admins if a file has been just locked or checked-out and locked.
	-Fixed a bug in the way Frontpage time stamps were handled
	-Fixed a number of Windows compatibility bugs.
	-Implemented groups
	  -Implemented psudogroups, All Users and Admins that contain all DRS
	    users and admins, respectively.
	  -Implemented a "Group Administration" page for admins
	  -Implemented a "Group Info" page for users to view group information
	  -Added a cell in the "User Info" page to tell users which groups
	    a user is a member of
	  -Added an option to submit whole groups to review files.
	-Made sure emails refered to files by there titles
	-Added 'Document Repository System: ' to the subjects of emails so that
	 it would be clearer that the emails are coming from DRS.
	-Fixed a bug where a person could be submitted as a reviewer more
	 than once.
	-All calendar dates are now links to the 'Add Event' page, so you can
	 quickly pick dates off the calendar to add an event
	-Now, you cannot submit yourself as a reviewer.
	-Fixed a bug that would prevent users from deselecting users on the
	 'Submit for Review' page
	-Fixed a bug that would display a number of warnings and possibly
	 delete user information when an admin tried to disable a user.
	-Fixed a bug where characters that were supposed to be disallowed in 
	 usernames could be allowed.
	-Fixed a bug where DRS would add a new FP user to the subweb, even
	 if 'No Access' was selected.
0.8.5-dev (development release)
	-Copyright notices changed to 'DRS Development Team' rather than
	 'Andrew Lindeman'
	-Cleaned up the config.php file for easier configuration.  It was
	 rather cramped looking before.
	-Added a config option where admins can set whether HTML will be allowed
	 in announcements, events, tasks, and forum posts.  Also, admins can
	 specify what tags to allow.
	-Let PHP determine the timezone.
	-Added an option to add a complementary Frontpage user when adding
	 a DRS user.
	-Fixed a bug where DRS wouldn't recognize subwebs within subwebs
0.8.4-dev (development release)
	-Fixed a bug where DRS would go crazy if it's DB was created, but not
	 the tables.
	-Added support for wvSummary
0.8.3-dev (development release)
	-Fixed a bug in viewallevents.php where only 'Upcoming Events' would be
	 displayed whether the user picked that option or not.
	-Fixed a bug where dates could be inconsistant throughout DRS.
	-Fixed a bug where 12 PM wouldn't show up on the time menu.
	-Fixed a bug where date spans could span one day too long.
	-Minor fixes
0.8.2-dev (development release)
	-Fixed a bug where the tasks page would always reject the dates
	-Using AM/PM instead of Zulu (military) time.
	-Fixed a bug where events with no end dates would not validate because
	 "*BLANK*/*BLANK*/*BLANK*" is an invalid date.  Event date validation
	 now supports no end date events.
	-Fixed a bug where the javascript calendar would return a month off
	 due to a JavaScript error (I'm still in shock about how I introduced
	 this one)
0.8.1-dev (development release)
	-Added a config option that, when set, non-admins cannot edit/delete
	 announcements, events, or tasks that they didn't originally create.
	-Some input validation
	-JavaScript fixes
	-Files Under Review page was still using file names to refer to files
	-Added all-day events/events with no "end time"
	-Fix for the printer friendly page getting confused with URLs that
	 have query strings
	-README updates
	-Pop-Up JS Calendar
	-Organization/Phone Tracking (or at least make the DB ready for it)
	-Prevent some weird errors on the 'Files Under Review by You' page
	-Eliminate the possibility of bogus almost duplicate file records
	-Code Cleanups
	-Fixed an undefined function error when submitting a review comment
	-Fixed a bug where the 'Submit Review Comments' page would default to
	 'Denied' as the review status.
	-Fixed a bug in the forum where some email addresses that were valid
	 were rejected.
	-Fixed a pretty serious bug where admins couldn't delete users
	-Added a note about some security stuff in the README
	-Preformatted text on review comments, so line break stay intact
	-Made sure fonts don't differ on admin status page
	-Printer Friendly page
	-Take a person directly to the calendar after submitting an event
	-Fixed some javascript errors
	-Fixed a bug where file names were still being used on the "Files under
	 review by you" page.
	-ignore .. and _derived directories

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