Document Repository System

Document Repository System

The current stable version of DRS is 0.9.0
The current development version of DRS is 0.10.2dev (You may want to use a nightly package)
The Document Repository System is a system of managing documents within an organization. It works with a Frontpage Web (which, at this time, is required for the document repository to work, though I am planning on making Frontpage optional sometime), so that Windows clients can seemlessly save their work to the repository directly from Office (though with the check-in/check-out system, almost any browser/operating system can use DRS). The program itself, though, is geared to run on a Linux server with Frontpage Extensions installed on Apache. It is programmed in PHP, and has many features other than just a document repository, including: forums, announcements, tasks, calendars, event management, user administration, etc...


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Giving up projectSeptember 29, 2002 5:40 PM
Category: Nothing in particular
By: Andrew

I no longer have time to continue the development of DRS. If you are interested in taking over, please contact me (look on the menu for the link) You will need to have good experience in PHP, MySQL, and know how Frontpage works. Thanks

CVS might be unstableSeptember 16, 2002 5:25 PM
Category: CVS
By: Andrew

Please read this if you are planning on downloading a nightly release or DRS from CVS. I am about to commit a patch that will make DRS pretty much independent from Frontpage. It is not yet usable, because I have not yet created the administration tools yet. It might also be unstable, because the commit is somewhere near 1000-1500 lines. If you want to download it to test, thats fine; however, it is not considered stable anymore. There are a few things I need to work out before I can say it is completely free of Frontpage extensions, and I also have to create some sort of administration tools for this. Thanks for your support.

Demo Problem/More ProgressSeptember 16, 2002 4:09 PM
Category: Site/Other
By: Andrew

Oops. With a CVS commit last night, I screwed up the demo. It has been fixed now, but it required me to reset the database. This isn't disasterous, because it is a demo, but there may be some more problems with it. Please contact me if you find trouble with it. Also, I am actively working on making Frontpage extensions optional! Woohoo!

Development ReleasesSeptember 15, 2002 2:53 PM
Category: Development Releases
By: Andrew

I probably should release 0.10.3dev, but I really hate releasing files, especially development releases. So, I will only release development releases if I really see a need to. If you want the current features in the development release, please either download it via CVS or Nightly Packages. I consider the CVS pretty stable, and I'm pretty good at not breaking the program with CVS commits (the demo keeps in sync with CVS).

Invitation SystemSeptember 1, 2002 12:39 PM
Category: Releases
By: Andrew

I have added an invitation system to DRS. You can probably expect a 0.10.3dev release soon--it will fix the calendar bugs fixed by 0.9.0 and other features.

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